Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Video Won't Play

The Situation
You've signed-in to our online classroom to take a course. You've launched a video, and it won't play.

There are many possibilities for why videos won't play. We've collected the most common causes with suggested solutions. In some cases, you might need to ask for assistance from your corporate IT department.

This article will address computers running Microsoft Windows.

We explain the possibilities by categorizing them into 3 large buckets:
  • The software being used
  • The corporate enterprise IT system & configuration
  • The computer being used
Your Software
Your Corporate IT System
  • Try this easy test
    • Take our course on your home personal computer. If you're successful, it suggests that the corporate hardware/software systems are the culprit.
  • White listing
    • Outside entities can be blocked from a corporate system. Approved entities might appear on a company's "white list." Ask your IT department if this is the case, and how our domain and/or IP address can be added, in order for the video feed to get through.
  • Virus scanning & content filtering
    • Ask your IT department if outside video content is being scanned/filtered, and preventing the videos from playing.
Your Computer
  • Reboot your computer
    • As you are opening and closing programs, your computer may or may not relinquish system resources used by these programs which can result in quirky behavior, including locking up, because the computer is not fully utilizing all of its available resources.
  • Try using another computer.
  • Graphics hardware and associated display drivers
Additional References