Friday, April 13, 2018

Moodle Classroom Outage

On occasion our classroom (hosted by Moodle) will have computing problems.

We're aware of the following Moodle occurrences:

  • 2018 April 12 (resolved) -  Client sites became unavailable due to improper manual shut down of the server; power was restored to the server and the team verified service was returned to sites.  The original issue was access to multiple Moodlerooms sites and storage became unavailable for our sites in VA2.  The issue began at approximately 12:23 PM ET.  All production sites returned to expected performance levels at approximately 1:39 PM ET.  Status after issue resolution:  No Moodlerooms production sites are currently affected.   Keywords:  outage, trouble signing in, cfg, fatal error, error code, cfg, data route, course, class, classroom